Synopses For Assignment

Synopses For Assignment

Synopses For Assignment 1. Please write a synopsis for your first assignment in outline or paragraph form. Read the first half of your text the course requires the following text. (Mexicans in the Making of America by Neil Foley. (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014) ISBN: 978-0-674-97535-4) and chose one or two chapters to analyze. Remember, this is only the preparation for your essay assignment due May 17, 2021. It must include the main points that you will cover on your paper. A hypothesis if there is one. Remember this is an intellectual exercise whose purpose is to assess your understanding of the subject matter that you have chosen to analyze. Whether a chapter(s) from your text or a particular aspect of within the chapter(s).

You need to show if you agree or disagree with the author. Stating your position based on academic research not on anecdotal information. You are expected to use at least two web-based bibliographical references in addition to your book. Should you decide review a film, the same additional information will be required. If you decide to write in a paragraph form, you need to write at least 100 words. Should you decide to structure an outline, make sure it is well organized using bullets to clearly convey your ideas. Always ask yourself questions as you move along this process. For example, what did you learn from the readings?. What is the main point the author wants to make?. Do you agree or disagree with what you found out? etc.

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For your first assignment we expect you to write a five-page (5) content analytical paper. On the first half of your text you can choose any chapter or chapters. Your writing must show a solid understanding of the concepts posed by the author as well as a critical interpretation on your part. It is not a summary of the chapter but rather an intellectual exercise that offers an opportunity to carefully consider the fundamental concepts of Mexican-American history. You are expected to expand on the information presented by the author by doing some basic research on the subject. Include at least two web-based bibliographical references.

Also, you can, if you wish, focus on one aspect of the chapter(s). Not necessarily on every issue presented in each chapter. Make sure you provide a bibliography a end of your paper (this page is in addition to the five pages of content).The following films are required to view. You can, if you wish, write a review on one of the films. We will accept it instead of a paper from a chapter. It, however, requires that you also do additional basic research on the subject (at least two bibliographical references) and a bibliographical note be provided at the end of your review.

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