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Equal Rights for Women 2022 Best

Equal Rights for Women

Rhetorical mode: Summary/ Response Readings: “Equal Rights for Women,” by Shirley Chisholm; from a People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn; “Transformation of Silence into language and Action,” by Audre Lorde

Equal Rights for Women

Approaches To Activism. ; “Taking a Knee with Colin Kaepernick and Standing with Stephen Curry against Trump, “ by Johnathan Capehart. Read the essays from Shirley Chisholm, Audre Lorde, and Johnathan Capehart, while taking notes, and writing a summary and response to each essay in one essay of your own.

You might consider a conclusion that speaks to all three essays. 8 paragraphs, two pages 1. Introduction 2. Summary (Shirley) 3. Response 4. Summary (Audre) 5. Response 6. Summary (Johnathan) 7. Response 8. Conclusion. https://youtu.be/lS5aIxwftp8


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