TED Talk – Presenting a Persuasive Thesis

Choose a TED Talk in which the speaker presents a persuasive thesis on a debatable issue.

I Choose a TED Talk in which the speaker presents a persuasive thesis on a debatable issue. Your purpose in this assignment is to analyze and evaluate the speaker’s argument, not to simply summarize or to argue for your own position on the speaker’s topic. Your overall judgement of the argument will be stated in your thesis, which will be supported by your analytical explanation of the evidence you gather while answering the questions outlined below. Here are some suggested TED Talks. Yvonne Aki-Sawyer: How to turn your dissatisfaction into action. (Links to an external sin n (Links to an external site.) Structure your essay with a section heading (centered, bold, title case) for each of the three body sections and conclusion. In each section, write one or more paragraphs responding to the questions outlined below. Please use the attached template below to help you.

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Set up your essay in APA format with title and reference pages. Use the template provided in Files. Cite the talk on a reference page in the following format. Speaker lastname, Initial. Initial. (Year, Month day). Title of talk. URL In a two- to three-page essay (600–900 words), address the following questions. Introduction (No heading needed for introductions) What is your purpose for writing? How will your analysis essay be organized? Indicate the analysis sections in a sentence. Firstly what is the TED speaker’s topic?. Secondly what is the speaker’s connection to the topic, and from what angle does the speaker approach the topic? What is the speaker’s overall perspective or opinion on the argument?

Whether it is clearly stated or not, identify what you think is your speaker’s central thesis. What is your thesis regarding the quality of the speaker’s argument, including your overall judgment of this speaker’s effectiveness? Rhetorical Situations (This is your most important and detailed section. Consider writing two to three paragraphs. Be sure to explain yourself.) Who is the speaker’s target audience? What is the speaker’s purpose? What does the speaker want the audience to do with the information they are presented with?

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