The Canterbury Tales.

The Canterbury Tales.

The research from the critics is needed to support your information based on the text of The Canterbury Tales. Topic: The personalities, values, and behaviors of characters in a literary work can provide interesting insights into the life of the times when the work was written. Hence The Canterbury Tales can be used as a source of information on life in England in the late 1300s.Using the three characters in The Canterbury Tales who have been assigned for class as your primary source (Miller, Wife of Bath, and Pardoner), write a critical research essay in which you identify, illustrate, and explain at least three aspects of life in the late 1300s as manifested through these characters in The Canterbury Tales. Aspects of life may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the type of people one meets, attitudes toward religion, marriage, human relationships, women, love.

In The Canterbury Tales, the main sources of your information will come from the following. “The General Prologue,” the tales told by the Miller, the Wife of Bath and the Pardoner. As well as the specific “Prologue” as assigned that introduces each of these characters who, of course, represent people from the time period. As you identify, illustrate, and explain each aspect of life you have selected as stated in your one-sentence thesis. Use the critics to help you further support each point you are making after you first cite. The Canterbury Tales for every point and example you offer. Remember you need to address three aspects of life as presented in The Canterbury Tales by the characters and their tales. Also remember the focus of the paper is The Canterbury Tales and what you glean from the characters as presented in its pages.

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Include answers to the following questions/areas in your paper:1. Identify the three specific areas as represented by the characters.2. Explain how the character(s) and the specific tale(s) offer insights into the area of life you are writing about as far as the life of the times is concerned.3. Offer observations about what each of the areas embodied in each of the character say about the nature of life in the late Middle Ages. Paper Proposal in topic outline format with tentative Works Cited:. Outline is your plan for addressing the topic you have chosen. It should reflect three – four at the most – major points with some subdivisions that you will be covering in your paper. The proposal is in the form of a topic outline. In addition the preliminary outline (proposal) is based on The Canterbury Tales only – no critics yet.

The Works Cited is in standard MLA format.. A document for each final part – one the final outline and the other for the research paper. No late papers. Length: an essay of 6 to 8 pages. Format: Standard MLA format only. No cover sheet. Formal Outline: required; topic outline format. Minimum number of sources: 5, including the e-text edition of The Canterbury Tales. Critical sources must be academic, scholarly articles. See list of possible sources. Web sites such as Wikipedia, Cliffs Notes, Pink Monkey, Grade Saver, on-line papers, other student’s papers are NOT acceptable. Finally no web sites with the text of The Canterbury Tales accept your e-book. Remember, the meaning of “Works Cited” is that each of the works is cited in the text of your paper.

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