The Cold War in Cuba &amp- Chile

The Cold War in Cuba & Chile

Reznicek Research Paper–The Cold War in Cuba & Chile Topic: The Latin American nations of Cuba and Chile became key battlegrounds of the Cold War in the late-20thcentury. Use historical events and examples from the textbook, primary sources, and your own outside research to compare and contrast the social revolutions sparked by Fidel Castro and Salvador Allende. How would you describe each man’s background, beliefs, and rise to national leadership? How effective were their attempts at social revolution? In what ways did the Cold War influence the destinies of Cuba and Chile? Ultimately, why did Fidel Castro’s revolution “succeed”? Why did Salvador Allende’s government “fail”? Explain. In your paper you MUST include:●A discussion of the background, beliefs, and leadership of Fidel Castro and Salvador Allende .

A comparison of the social revolutions in Cuba (1953-1959) and Chile (1970-1973). A discussion of the Cold War’s influence in each nation. An assessment of the successes and failures of each leader/movement You SHOULD also consider: Whether the programs of Fidel Castro and Salvador Allende were “nationalist” or communist”. Whether or not US policymakers were right to fear the spread of communism in Latin America. How the events in Cuba and Chile reverberated across Latin America Expectations:●Papers should be 6-8pagesin length, double spaced, and written in a 12-point font. Finally include quotes from at least FIVE(5)primary sources from Canvas.

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In addition to the textbook and the primary sources, you should consult at least FOUR(4) outside secondary sources on this topic—you must cite properly. All online sources must be reputable (.edu, .org, .gov, etc.)—no Wikipedia or similar websites. You MUST use at least THREE (3) scholarly books/journal articles in this paper to receive full credit. You must exhibit a coherent organizational structure, including an introduction, conclusion, &thesis statement. Papers must contain more than just factual information—construct an argument that discusses the significant issues in depth. Proofread your papers—points will be deducted for typos and grammar errors. Finally all papers must include a bibliography or works cited page using MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style citations

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