The effects of Covid – Mental Health of Nurses

The effects Covid had on the Mental Health of Nurses

In this assignment, you will identify a nursing problem, investigate available evidence, and either present a plan for practice change or a proposal for further research. You will use the Stetler Model as a guide. This paper has two parts, with Part 2 outlined below. The Stetler Model is explained on pp. 279- 283 of your textbook. You may use material from your discussion posts in this paper, however, you will need to revise them as necessary to meet the objectives of this assignment.  This activity will address the following module outcome: MO3: Using the Stetler model, analyze evidence to present a practice change or a research proposal (EPSLO 7; SLO 4)  Part II: Translation/ Generation of Evidence to Practice: Due Week 13 Phase IV: Translation/ Generation This section is your recommendation, based on the results of the review of evidence.

Did you find evidence that supports effects of a practice change? Or did you find a gap in the evidence that points to the need for further research? Depending on the results of your search, you will either complete Option A) write a plan for an evidence based practice proposal or Option B) propose a plan to conduct research that addresses the gap in evidence. An outline for the  instructions for Option A are  below. This portion of the paper may be written from a first person point of view, as this is your plan for a change in practice for effects of covid. However, bear in mind that this is not an opinion paper, it is a recommendation based on evidence. As an evidence-based leader, you will use current, pertinent evidence to support your proposal and strategies for implementation. Please use the grading rubric to guide your work.

In Summary

You will add this portion of the paper to the revisions you made in Part I, submitting one document in Week 13, comprised of Part I (revised) and Part II. All references should be on one page, at the end of the entire document. The total length for Parts I & II should be 16- 20 pages (excluding title page and references). Option A: Evidence-Based Practice Proposal. To be used if there was evidence that supports a change in practice. Please refer to Chapter 9 in your textbook for further guidance. Be sure to use current, pertinent literature to support your ideas. Briefly summarize your recommendations based on the evidence and why you think this practice change is needed. Construct a formal implementation team- who do you want on the team and why?

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