The Fall of Saul -I Samuel 15

The Fall of Saul (I Samuel 15)

Description- The fall of Saul

IF YOU HAVE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE MESSAGE ME “This paper is on the fall of Saul.” I ASSUME YOU HAVE NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IF THE MESSAGE IS DIFFERENT. Firstly this paper is the final project for a class I’m taking. My grade will have a heavy impact by this paper, and I don’t have much wiggle room to get a bad grade here. This paper MUST be completely free of grammatical/spelling errors, the ideas must flow well together, and the prompt must be followed exactly.  The writing style must be SBL format. The professor has put a big emphasis on this, so it’s very important.

Please message me as soon as possible if there is anything that is unclear or if you have any questions. The prompt that I was given is as follows: Exploration of the historical, religious, cultural, and literary features associated with the books of Samuel in particular, or the Deuteronomistic History writ large.

Your exploration should address specific elements, themes, or issues surrounding the text and show an understanding of the scholarly discourse surrounding those issues (My “issue” is the Fall of Saul in I Samuel 15) Thesis Papers are to be 10 to 12 pages in length, not including title page and bibliography. Papers should use a minimum of 10 secondary sources GOALS: A careful, close, and judicious reading of your base biblical text. Understanding of the historical, religious, and cultural features associated with your chosen theme.  Acquaintance with the scholarship and scholarly discourse concerning your chosen topic.

In summary

Engagement with the text and the scholarship surrounding a specific element, theme, or issue raised within the text.  Organize your paper that is clearly and structure it well  argument in support of your thesis statement.  KEYS TO WRITING A SUCCESSFUL PAPER: Know the requirements – Document, secondary sources, SBL style, etc. Thesis statement – The stronger, the better and easier to write. Take your time. This comes from reading and research. Scholarly engagement – Research is your dialogue partner. Aim for about 30 citations in your paper. This shows engagement. Writing style – Be concise, focused, and non-repetitive.  Thanks in advance!

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