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The Impact of Racial Microaggressions in the Workplace

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– Title: Practical Research ISBN: 9780134775654 Authors: Paul D. Leedy, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, Laura Ruth Johnson, Publication Date: 2019-01-01 -Define a topic or problem you want to assess. Identify the major components of your issue/problem. Develop questions that tap each of the major components you identified. Decide what your population is and how you will sample it. Decide what demographic information you need to know about your sample (e.g., sex, age, year in college, etc.). Write items to assess these demographics. Compose the questionnaire: — Be particular about the design and appearance of your questionnaire. Respondents will be more trusting of a neat, well formatted survey. — Write clear questions (see handout on problems with questionnaire items).

 Further Guidelines

Remember that Likert scales provide more information than nominal data. Do not use Yes or No questions in your survey, they provide limited information about your participants/study. Pilot your questionnaire with classmates to ensure you read  the questions  and interpret as you intend. Your group should sample at least 20 respondents. Note: Survey will be shared in class for your peers to complete. Data for your project will be presented in Excel format and cleaned up for appropriate analysis. Since there will be less participants when your peers complete survey, you will be asked to create data to add to one collected to ensure certain statistical tests are appropriate. Maximum number of participants should be 20.

When your questionnaires come back, assign each on an ID #. You want to be able to compare the groups you questioned. The old-fashioned way to do this is to summarize the information for each group separately. Sort the questionnaires into piles based on you group classification. Then transfer all the information from each questionnaire to the data sheet. 3/17/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing https://www.writershub.org/writer/orders/721648#instructions 4/6 Compute mean score for your sample (either for the whole sample or for groups within, depending on your basic question).

Depending on your hypothesis, you might also want to conduct correlations (of continuous data), t-tests (to compare 2 means), or ANOVAs (to compare more than 2 means) The typed, APA style 7th edition write-up should include the following (Note: each of the sections below have subheadings or subsections): Introduction—description of how you arrived at your study, your topic, hypothesis Method— how you devised and distributed your questionnaire, your information sample lts— summary of your findings Discussion— interpretation of your results: what worked and what did not; how can you improve study, ideas for future research.


List readings that were used in your introduction or discussion Appendix— provide the reader with a copy of your questionnaire (Appendix A) and Informed Consent (Appendix B) Note: A breakdown of how the project should be presented will be shared in Live class and in Content section of iLearn. Note for Group Submissions: Acceptable SafeAssign score is 25%. One member (lead person) of the group submits a master copy of project on SafeAssign on behalf of group members listed on title page. The lead group member then shares the Safe Assign score with peers. If score is above acceptable limit, the group should make effort to review areas of concern as noted on SafeAssign report and resubmit. The lead person has a maximum of two submissions. All Group members are then required to also submit a copy of their group project individually for grading purposes.

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