The Museum Report – Response Paper

The Museum Report

The Museum Report is a two-part assignment, “Part 1: Museum Response Paper” and “Part 2: Museum Report Questions”. Both parts of the assignment are dependent upon your visit and experience at an art museum. (You should NOT answer the questions from Part 2 of this assignment in Part 1. )“Part 1: Museum Response Paper” A summary of your trip to the museum. From the moment you approach the building until the moment you leave, literally describe your trip to the museum as if you were writing in a daily journal. In the body of the paper, you will continue to write about your perceptions and experiences. Explain your total experience from beginning to end and respond to what you saw. You must have one full paragraph for your introduction and one full paragraph for your conclusion.

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“Part 2: Museum Report Questions”1. What is the name of the museum? The date and time of your visit?2. What were your first impressions of the archives? Did your impressions change during your visit?3. Which gallery in the museum was your favorite? Why?4. In your favorite gallery, how are the artworks displayed? How are the artworks organized? Chronologically? Thematically?5. What role do archives play in our modern culture? Do you think that it is important for us to visit and invest in archives? Why? Questions 6 and 7: For each of the below questions, you will write a Visual Analysis which is made up of two parts, examining FORM and CONTENT.

In your Visual Analysis, write one paragraph about form and one paragraph about content, each Visual Analysis should be at least 1 paragraph.6. What was your favorite painting? Why?(Include: title, artist, date, medium) add photos a. Write a Visual Analysis for this artwork (2 paragraphs). Add photos7. What was your favorite artwork? Why? (Include: title, artist, date, medium)a. Write a Visual Analysis for this artwork (2 paragraphs). Add photos8. Show me a picture of your favorite artwork. Online cut and paste. Add photos

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