The Research Paper – Adoption over Breeding

The Research Paper – Adoption over Breeding

The Research Paper Overview: Our final writing assignment brings together all of the work you have done thus far in class—from the Tooling Outline to the Proposal Argument to the sources you gathered in your Annotated Bibliography. This means the topic for your Research Paper will be the same one you use for each of these assignments. As you begin, use these previous assignments to help you write your Research Paper. In your outline, you forecasted the argument you wanted to make. In your Proposal, you established what you wanted to discuss and why (the importance of your topic). And in your Annotated Bibliography, you found sources to support your argument. As you have worked this semester, you have settled on a topic and chosen a stance on that topic. You have made a deep dive into the various issues that surround the discussion of the topic you selected.

The research you conducted informed you on the facts and opinions involved in that discussion, as well as helped you further develop your argument and spot potential objections or alternative perspectives. Now, in your Research Paper, it is time, finally, to state your case in full. In your Research Paper, you are conducting an academic argument, which has the following characteristics: (pulled from Chapter 17 of your book)It is based on research and uses evidence that can be documented. Firstly it is written for a professional, academic, or school audience likely to know something about its topic. Secondly it makes a clear and compelling point in a fairly formal, clear, and sometimes technical style. Finally it follows agreed-upon conventions of format, usage, and punctuation.

Further Guidelines

It has documentation , using MLA format for in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Final Draft Requirements5+ pages (1250+ words) on the same topic you have used for your previous writing assignments6+ separate in-text citations & Works Cited page MLA format Written in an academic style: avoid first and second pronouns and contractions; support all assertions Be sure that within the essay you begin with an engaging opening, a brief description of the issue, and clear statement of the thesis Within the body of the essay, First, explain and defend the problem (explaining what exactly the problem is and why it deserves attention now)Next, introduce and explain the solution you think can solve the problem(s) you’ve discussed above Third, defend your solution against potential resistance–any change to the status quo creates resistance Somewhere throughout your body paragraphs, address at least one counterargument

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