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The Slang Word “Bitch “

Introduction As an avid listener of Eminem songs, I identified a commonly used slang word, “bitch.” Songs have messages and meanings, and composers spend much time thinking, choosing words, reading, rethinking and arranging the words. They also consider every word or phrase’s effect on the audience or listener. Therefore, song composers create songs with unique characteristics in the lyrics, with every lyric having nuance. To create the best correlation between the lyrics and the listener, composers are forced to break the rules of language use by using slang words, shortening words or phrases, and using grammatically incorrect sentences. However, they arrange the words and phrases correctly and use a unique way of placing them to pass their intended idea.

Unlike the general English songs, Rap music’s lyrics do not use similes but mainly use non-standard English words that seem vulgar, often said as poor, incorrect, and bad English. Therefore, most of these words are slang words. Having many friends in the UK, I have been influenced by the true meaning of “bitch” to mean a female dog. Unlike in the United States, the word “bitch” in the UK is used ideally in a positive context. For example, my friend Charles would always get excited when his little “bitch” gave birth to puppies. Therefore, it seems people in the UK use the word “bitch” without getting embarrassed, provided in a clear context. However, the term’s use has reduced as many dog owners refer to them by names avoiding the use of “bitch.”

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Moreover, I understood this word from various British television programs, mainly related to countryside and nature programs. Methods In the primary research, I interviewed teenagers, university students, and high school students who are listeners of rap music and often use slang words and have encountered vulgar terms like “bitch.” They were between the ages of 16 and 22. More so, I surveyed my UK friends by sending them a questionnaire to fill. Their age bracket is from 18 and 23. The research included both males and females, with questions such as; “have you ever used or encountered the word bitch? “How do you understand the word bitch? “In what contexts can you mention the word bitch? “Would you feel embarrassed using the word bitch? “Can one use the word bitch positively?”

In the secondary research, I searched for various articles from the internet and used various dictionaries. Besides, I watched some television programs and listened to several Eminem songs. I found the TV programs and songs on YouTube. I only considered songs with the word ‘bitch” in the lyrics. Findings from the primary research, there were differences and similarities in how the respondents use and understand the word “bitch.” Some of the respondents had a similar understanding as mine. The male respondents use the word more than the female respondents. Besides, all the respondents have encountered and used the word “bitch,” with 75 percent of the respondents, mainly university students saying they encounter the word severally.

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Besides, the university students had the highest percentage of those who have used the word. Furthermore, the respondents understand the term in various ways. Half of the respondents said they use the word “bitch” as a sexist slur to refer to immoral women and girls (Vinter, 2017). 20 % said they often use the word to curse colleagues, age mates, and friends who do against their will. Over half of the respondents also mentioned that they use the word as an insult to annoying or unpleasant females. Ten percent of the respondents said they use “bitch” as an offensive way of referring to subservient men, doing everything for someone else, and compromising their dignity.

One respondent indicates that she uses the word in life to refer to a complicated life. Over 80 percent of the respondents said they would use the word bitch in a peer or group context or an informal context.

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