The Strategic Project – Evaluation

The Strategic Project

Assists in evaluation of student achievement of following course objectives:1. Analyze the techniques and skills necessary to support effective communication and build professional relationships.2. Investigate strategies used to promote and sustain the quality of nursing practice in the healthcare environment.3. Evaluate the actions and activities which support the leadership practice of the nurse executive.4. Participate in implementation of the role of the nurse executive in creating and maintaining professional practice.5. Evaluate financial, human resource and strategic management practices as well as the employment of marketing techniques and the use of information management and technology systems.6. Develop a strategic leadership project.

Through the process of completing this assignment the student will undertake the following activities (A maximum of 40 hours of clinical participation time will be awarded for completion of these activities):1. Meet with your preceptor to discuss a problem, issue or need relevant to your internship environment.2. Present your proposed strategic project idea to your instructor for review and approval. You many not initiate a project without sufficient explanation of the proposed project and faculty approval.3. Adhere to the UCF CON Graduate Program policy regarding data management (see syllabus).4. Review the literature for background and significance related to the proposed project. Your final project report must identify the background and significance of the proposed project, using evidence from the College of Nursing literature to support the nature of the problem and the importance of addressing it.

Further Description

This section will conclude with a clear identification of the problem statement and purpose (aim) of the strategic project.5. Conduct a review of the literature to determine how other organizations have addressed a similar problem, issue or need. You are required to provide alternatives. This exercise will allow you to identify those alternatives. More than one alternative must be presented in your paper or you must address the lack of alternatives.6. With the assistance of your preceptor, evaluate the practice setting as to how the focus area you have identified for your project presents in the organization. Especially important is information about previous efforts related to your focus area and identification of stakeholders, positive and negative. A SWOT analysis might be appropriate here. 7. Consider the role of the nurse leader/manager in addressing this problem, issue or need.

Discuss with your preceptor competencies and strategies the nurse leader/manager would employ to move the project forward.8. Propose a recommendation (intervention) informed by the alternatives you identified in the literature. Keep in mind that none of the alternatives may be satisfactory or completely address the problem, issue or need. Your recommendation needs to be the result of careful analysis of the mission, vision and goals of the organization in light of the both internal and external assessments and guided by the evidence. Support for this recommendation should come from the analysis of quality and cost considerations as well as consideration of the patient experience. As appropriate, your recommendation should consider data acquisition and management, information technology, community impact/marketing, health care policy and finally ethical considerations.

In Summary

This section of your paper will conclude with specific, measurable objectives (goals) to be achieved as a result of adoption of your recommendation. (SMART goals might assist in developing your objectives.)9. While you are not expected to implement or evaluate this project, your strategic project recommendation requires that the following elements be identified relative to objectives you provided: A description of major steps required to implement the recommendation timeline related to the proposed intervention specific plan for evaluation of the project must be shared including how outcomes will be measured related to the proposed objectives. Grading Strategies please refer to syllabus for grading information.

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