Armed guards on a ship – case study

Topic: The use of armed guards on a ship (case study)


The report should comprise a description of the problem, the factors that need to be considered and recommendations for next steps. In these 2 Word documents that I have uploaded there is everything you need to write the report. You should follow all the guidelines precisely. IMPORTANT: The report should be 1650 words without the table (PESTLE factors) and the references. Under the table that you will construct, you will write the authors of the sources that you have used as information and you have put in the table (i.g. Williams, 2021; Jones, 2020;). The name will be many as the factors that the table should include are 5. I want to include many in-text citations.

In the PDF called ”Armed seafarers on board ships : an analysis from an international perspective”, on page 55 of the armed guards and especially on page 85, there are 2 recommendations which should be put in the report paraphrased. I also include a paper called ”Adelphi papers”. Finally, I attach the ”BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 4” (BMP 4). Can you include some information not only from ”BMP 5” but also from ”BMP 4” in this report? I am asking because the professor has given us ”BMP 5” and my question is if ”BMP 4” can be included in the report. I am looking forward to hearing an answer to my question.

Please confirm that you have received these 6 documents on armed seafarers. Latest revision comment [March 13, 2021 12:17] Therefore this assignment is for Maritime Management Master Degree. someone who is expert in writing reports and following precisely the guidelines I have given. The course is called Security studies. Finally please work on the paper due to my initial instructions

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