The writing of a children’s book- Philosophical Lesson



The writing of a children’s book reflecting a philosophical lesson or idea

Description – The writing of a children’s book

The writing of a children’s book reflecting a philosophical lesson or idea. You are to create an original classroom resource in the form of a children’s book (for secondary students). The story itself can be on any subject matter and the presentation and formatting of the book is flexible. For example, it will include any formats that you  chose, as long as they acknowledge them in the reference list. There is no minimal word limit but a maximum of 400 words. Accompanying the book will be a 1,000 word exposition (+/- 10%) explaining the book’s philosophical underpinning. You need to explain what philosophical system, tradition or approach has inspired your story and how you could use your story in your classroom to teach philosophical ideas or principles.

Closely reference the exposition. Submit all the work through URKUND. Present  the children’s book in an e-format, or  scan the book, or photographed and then uploaded. Using Australian English Marking Criteria The student has presented a children’s book with a clear philosophical story. 30 marks Student has clearly justified their philosophical position and cited relevant literature to justify their argument. 50 marks Communication: The exposition is to be typed, font 12, double spaced, Calibri (Body) and word count (excluding reference list) displayed. Spelling/Grammar Coherence of expression.

In Summary

Use of appropriate terminology Correct and appropriate referencing Inclusion of reference list (not included in word count). A minimum of six academic sources, with at least three 3/17/2021 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing. Https:// 4/5 being other than internet sources. 20 marks Rubric Please notice. By using the Australian English the classroom is set for Australian secondary schools try to give more details more than we generally discuss. Do not use old or the references cannot be tracked indicate the clear philosophy theory. Finally the story should be very short and simple and the philosophy of the book should be clear and accurate

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