Biblical Scholars – Theology Writing Project

Biblical Scholars -Theology Writing Project

Figures like Eve, Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, and Paul have long drawn the attention of biblical scholars and practitioners within biblical faith traditions. As a result, a number of popular or semi-popular biographies of these and other biblical figures have been written in the relatively recent past. This a critical review of one of these biographies that focuses on how the biography (1) interacts with biblical data and (2) fills any gaps about the individual’s life that the biblical text does not address.Details:8 to 10 page paper: Double-spaced, 12-point font, using good scholarly conventions. The first half of the paper should describe the biography with satisfactory detail so that the reader of the review understands the content and structure of the biography and the thesis/methodology/approach of the biographer.

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The second half of the paper should analyze the way in which the biography works with the relevant biblical data. In order to analyze the biography’s use of biblical data, this project will require scholarly sources. Bibliography details: Commentaries: There should be at least two good, scholarly, current commentaries in your bibliography. The strongest commentaries are typically found in the Anchor Bible, Hermeneia, JPS, Old Testament Library, or Word Biblical Commentary series (in roughly descending order). Aim for commentaries that are less than thirty years old whenever possible.

AS A RULE: Good, scholarly commentaries are not present on the internet. Although some may be found as eBooks via the library (Hermeneia is available via JSTOR). Other scholarly monographs: As needed. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles: The ATLA database is a great resource. You will need at least five good, scholarly sources. A paper that has  sufficient source when it has scholarly answers to the relevant questions. A paper that is insufficiently sourced has noticeable gaps or relies on speculation.

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