Theories of Criminal Behavior- Descriptive Essay


Theories of Criminal Behavior

This assignment on theories of criminal behaviors will require you to write a 10–15 page paper. Body of your paper, not including your title page and reference list. Utilizing 5–7 scholarly resources to support your work. Be sure to include scholarly research as evidence to support your ideas throughout your response. Avoid the use of direct quotes. If you must include quotes, limit your use to one or two short (less than 40 words) direct quotes as a maximum for the entire paper. It is important to read and study your resources. Learn the material and then write in your own words as to your understanding.

Make sure you cite any sources that you use to gather the information that you shared throughout the paper in APA format. Wherever possible, try to use your own words in order to clearly demonstrate your understanding. Note the sources that are deemed as scholarly are peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, or scholarly books.

Further Instructions

 As for an abstract, this is not required. Abstracts are only used when you are summarizing the results of your own scholarly research. Instead, you want to provide an introductory paragraph, with a clear purpose or argument, and the main points that you want the reader to come away with after reading your paper. Work to include organized and clear paragraphs with scholarly evidence to support your ideas on the theories of criminal behavior, and a final concluding paragraph to summarize your main ideas or argument once more. Visit the Graduate Resource Center for more tips on these points. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember to cite your sources clearly and carefully in-text as well as at the end of your paper. Review the University Plagiarism/Academic Integrity Policy within the course homepage, and follow the golden rule of when in doubt, cite your source.

 Submitting your Assignment:

Put your Assignment in a Word document. Save it in a location that you will remember and with your full name along with the class number. When you are ready to submit it to the unit Dropbox.


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