Thesis- Disney’s Effect On 21st Century Broadway

Thesis- Disney’s Effect On 21st Century Broadway

 Also attached is my outline with thesis . thesis: Disney’s coming to the world of theatre throughout the 21st century has been a catalyst of modernization and has helped the general population feel more connected with such a historic art form by turning shows and movies we’ve seen growing up into proper on stage master pieces Three points: 1.     The History of Disney’s Theatre Group and how it came to life in Broadway. 2.     How Disney actually changed the world of theatre. The specifics of which of their plays really blew up and began to attract audiences from outside the theatre world. 3.     The economic impact Disney Theatre Group had on Broadway and the world of theatre as a whole.

Further Guidelines

Please submit your thesis Research Paper.  Please scroll down the page to review the rubric for grading.   This paper should include. Research Papers are to be research papers where you are to form a point of view on your subject matter. Also then support it with documented research. Please be sure you address each of the following items.  Points will be deducted for items not properly addressed.  Assign word amount type/ 1,500 Words Total (Not including Title Page / Works Cited Page). Focus and succinct (choose a topic and stick with it). Double space 12 point, clearly legible type Spell checked. Use of correct punctuation and grammar Written in complete sentences Proper credit must be given to all sources whether quoted.

Paraphrase both within copy and in bibliography at end of paper / MLA format Properly Upload on Canvas by the Due Date Use of a cover page to list the following. Title, your name, date, word count, YOUR THESIS STATEMENT – Please note I would like your Thesis Statement on your Cover Page as well as in the body of your document.  The Thesis Statement should be the final sentence in your introduction.  Rubric

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