Thesis- Political Science

Thesis- Political Science. What are the legal and political differences between Peru and Bolivia that affect women’s engagement in womens entrepreneurship?

Political Science

I double major so 5/9 of the sources must be for political science.  For political science factos -The political factors are but not limited tom=, demographics, changes in regulation, taxes, political decisions affecting ecoonmic/ socio cultural environment. For economic factors – the economic factors are but not limited to demand and supply. Capital, infrastructure, employment, trade cycles, tax rate etc. Gather 4-5 main political factors that affect entrepreneurship. and also gather 4-5 main economic factors that affect entrepreneurship for both countries.  All resources must be scholarly articles. I can provide database. Here is a copy of my outline. Whats in bold is what you will be doing. I will be available all day working with you. Ask me any questions!. Introduction  Firstly description of issue and its importance. Secondly political importance to business  – and thirdly history of women’s entrepreneurship in these countries.

Significance Gender -Gender meanings and how this roots to why there’s a difference in the first place between the sexes in entrepreneurship.  Womens Engagement Stats. on women’s participation. I will further  discuss exactly what percent of women own business in Bolivia and Peru. Additionally i will list them by age, women married vs single women. Economic Violence Political Climate -political history. what has the country’s political climate been like the past decade In Peru -Here I will discuss how “free” Peru is, involving stats on corruption, women in government, and if there has been any advances to promote growth in business for women?

In Bolivia – Here I will discuss the same as described above but for Bolivia Econmic Factors In Bolivia In Peru Social Structure Life for Women  Peruvian Women- I will discuss how the average life is for women, and mostly social norms. Bolivian Women – “”      G. Entrepreneurship Laws Gender Specific Laws

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