Thesis Statement- Research Paper

Research Paper – Thesis Statement

 Submission Format: WORD document file upload, SINGLE spaced, REASONABLE font size (11-14 pt.) REASONABLE font (Examples: Times, Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica, Cambria), 2-4 pages. Do not include personal opinions or information. Use the research to support statements and statistics. This is a college level course and college level writing is expected. Please check for spelling, capitalization and grammar as well as standard writing format (paragraph length, indent when started a new paragraph etc.) If there are 5 or more glaring writing mistakes no points will be earned Grading: This assignment is worth 6 points. Paper Format: Abstract: This is a summary of your topic and paper. It should be succinct but include minimal background information. Do not include references.

.5ptIntroduction: This is a review of your topic. Further explain why this topic is important or significant and provide more background information. Include if there are conflicting views or major lines of thought in the scientific community surrounding this topic. This is a big picture (broad overview). Thesis statement is included as the last sentence..5ptBody/Supporting Paragraphs: Present details of work done by researchers on topic. Here is where the thesis statement is supported by the research. Mention and describe important techniques, methods, results, and conclusions if found in your research. Create a coherent and well-blended summation of all the work you could find that is important to your subject. Lead to your conclusions. Document and reference sources (in-text citations).

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3ptsDiscussion: Consolidate ideas presented, re-iterate or present your conclusion. Re-state the thesis statement in different words. Do NOT present new information. Did you find any information you were not expecting to find? Discuss why this project and the topic is important and how it applies to a broader scope. This should loop back around to the last sentence in your Introductions and tie it all together. Do you need more research in this field or are there new studies to explore? 1ptBibliography: Use APA formatting. You must further list a MINIMUM of 5 peer reviewed articles.

List alphabetically, hanging indentation. You should include any other resources you used for your paper..50 pt. (.10 points per correct citation) In Text Citations: Include in text citations of references as appropriate. Do not use footnotes or numbers. Use APA formatting. Finally you must have a MINIMUM of 5 in-text citations (which must also be in a list in the bibliography section).50pt (.10 points per correct citation)

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