Thesis- The Afghan Peace Process

The Afghan Peace Process: Political Disputes, Ethnical Clashes and Terrorism

Description- Thesis

In the thesis, you will  discuss whether the peace agreement that the Taliban and the United States sign. Which aims to end the 18-year war in Afghanistan, will be successful or not. In addition to that, the effects of similar advances made in the past, the current Doha talks. The position of the Afghan government, the ethnic conflicts inside the country. The fight against terrorism and political disputes all over the peace process will be examined as well with their side effects. The thesis will preliminary reflect the realistic approach to the peace process. And show the possible ways to resolutions rather than giving ordinary examples from the past. Especially considering the ethnical clashes inside the country with their relations with the bordering countries. And political disputes, the most realistic answer to the peace process will be purpose of the thesis.

The thesis will be comprise of three parts. First part is the birth and the raise of the Taliban, second part is the war on terrorism. And the last part is the peace process with previous attempts in the past. The first part of the thesis will primarily examine the birth . And ascension phase of the Taliban and investigate their motivations. America accused Taliban for supporting the al-Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001 hence started war on the group where they held the 90 percent of the country in control. They are now at the renegotiation table and on the verge of becoming one of the main actors in Afghan politics. Since their birth to becoming the major actor in Afghanistan will be the main part of this thesis.

Thesis Guidelines

Then the second part; the operations and wars that America start against terrorism in 2001 will experience checks into, the results that they will obtain out of them will be put forward. Then discuss unsuccessful situations  in details. One of the main reason for Americans to start negotiating with Taliban is their comebacks and growing power. Thus keeping the group under control rather than fighting against it stays as the precise decision for now as the political leaders fail to cope with the situation. In summary for the part, all the fights and negotiation attempts will be examined deeply in this section. In the third section, the peace process will be investigated under three separate headings.

First of all, the other peace negotiations that have been tried so far will be explained in the thesis using chronological order. Then the government, Taliban and America, which are the parties to the peace, will be mentioned and the impact of international organizations on the process will be mentioned. Finally, it will be mentioned what the main problems in the progress of the peace process are in addition to the recommendations.

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