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Land laws description

Explain the concept of an overriding interest and describe the three main categories within Land Registration Act 2002, Schedule 3. Therefore explain whether you think that overriding interests should these be abolished on the basis that they contravene the ‘mirror principle’ of land registration. Support your answer with references to cases, statutory provisions and academic commentary. (THIS IS A MUST!) please read mark scheme too, to aim for highest 1st/2:1 Advice and Guidance A key objective of this assessment is to develop your independent study skills by requiring you to read more widely than the basic textbooks, and to produce a reasoned, logical and well-written answer to the question set.

You should research the area in question, describe and explain as the task suggests, and come to reasoned conclusions, supported by reference to primary and secondary sources. There is no ‘right answer’. There are a range of reasonable conclusions you could reach. Ensure your assignment has a clear structure; a beginning, a middle and an end. Consequently your introduction should make clear that you understand the task and set out how you intend to approach it. You need to show that you have engaged with relevant primary and secondary sources. You should set out your arguments clearly, showing the claims you are making and the evidence which relates to those claims. A reader should be able to follow logically your ‘journey’ from a claim to a conclusion.

In  summary your overall conclusion you should summarise the key points you have made in your work and set out clearly what your ‘answer’ (however firm or tentative) to the task is/are. Your overall conclusion should flow logically from your discussion. Finallyt should not include any new material and need not be lengthy

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