Traffic Counter – Assignment

Traffic Counter Assignment

This assignment is worth 25% of the module grade. Therefore,  assignment is due on Monday March 15th 2021 at 5pm. Consequently, the assignment must be submitted through BrightSpace under the ‘Assessment’ portal. Then please submit your assignment as a pdf document with the name: Please check that your document is properly formatted and that any figures or tables are correctly displayed. Finally late assignments will be subject to penalties as laid down by UCD examinations. ___________________________________________________________________________ You have been assigned 6 TII traffic counters to use in your assignment. You will find a list of the 6 counters under ‘My Learning’. A short video showing how to find and retrieve the data is available on BrightSpace. Start by gathering your data: Copy the summary AADT (annual average daily traffic) information and HGV average for each of your 6 counters.

For any 2 of the counters assigned to you, select 5 weekdays in 2019 year at random covering early spring (1 February – 12th March), late spring (10 April – 18 May), summer (July), autumn (15th September – 15th October) and winter (1 November – 10 December).


You will need to download data for the same day in 2020. Download the data and collate them to a single spreadsheet. Assignment : 1. Graph/chart the data for the 2 selected counters and compare the daily patterns for your sample counters in 2019 and 2020. Max of 4 charts – 25% 2. Describe the weekday traffic trends in 2019 and outline the possible drivers of the patterns that you observe. (Look at the summary AADT volumes across all your counters. Consider the location of the counters. Are they in rural or urban areas?.

Are they located along a motorway or national route (M or N designation)? Do they have a high HGV percentage? Are routes located near a port, airport or other major facility? 700 words max – 40% 3. How have patterns changed between 2019 and 2020? What might the 2020 traffic volumes tell you about the makeup of Irish household traffic patterns? 500 words max – 25% 4. You should submit the summary data for your 6 counters as an appendix. 10% Some notes and definitions: AADT.

Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) is the average number of vehicles, calculate over a period of one calendar year, passing a point on a road each day. It is expressed in terms of vehicles per day. Finally, short period traffic data provides traffic flow information for various time periods (e.g. 6 hours, 12

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