Virtual Reality References

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Pretend you are writing a research paper on virtual reality and its next generation in the gaming industry; all I need is 5 references with a quote and a short summary for each reference.

Here is a template for 1 reference

Cooke, J. (2014). Will the Google car end automobile insurance as we know it? Journal Of The Australian & New Zealand Institute Of Insurance & Finance, 37(5), 38-43.
Summary: This article shows that in the future insurance laws will have to change as self-driving vehicles become more popular. (Add a few more sentences to fill out the summary.)
Quote(s): “This essay argues that, despite the anticipated decline in premiums for traditional motor insurance, there are opportunities for insurers to develop innovative new products, alternative distribution approaches, and new customer analysis, which can help them thrive, not just survive in the changing market” (p.38).

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