Art Work-Visual Analysis Paper

Visual Analysis Paper


Art Work Description

Image 8 Media Acrylic on canvas (Pictured in file above)  The assignment asks the student to choose a  single work of art, one we have not studied in class, and apply Dr. Terry Barrett’s method of analysis and interpretation as outlined on the assignment sheet. The student should first choose one artwork from the images listed below. They are available in a Word document on the D2L course site. The intention of the assignment is for the student to look deeply, analyze thoroughly, and describe the process of visual analysis and interpretation in writing. The paper should follow the first three steps ONLY of the Barrett system of interpretation and the production of meaning(s). Please consult the PDF of Chapter 8, “Principles for Interpreting Art” for further information.

The paper should begin by introducing the art work using the following sentence, “The artist used a [landscape or portrait] format to organize (your choice here) Image 3: Oil on Canvas” Immediately begin the text of your paper without creating a new paragraph. The student will then 1) describe the subject matter of the work (page 1) 2) perform a formal analysis with one paragraph describing the most significant formal element of art in the work and a second paragraph describing the most significant,principles of design in the work (page 2) you may also choose to describe a second important formal element it depends on the work and 3) finally, the writer should interpret the work (page 3) .Please organize your paper following this sequence.

In summary:

Include in your interpretation your answers to these questions: What is the art work about? And How did you come to this understanding of the work? The writer should take the reader through their process of producing meaning. This is not a research paper. I want you to approach the image from STRICTLY a formal point of view. You should resist reading descriptions or interpretations of the work. Look on our course D2L site for successful sample paper s

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