Western classical/ art music-research solution

Discussion on Western classical/ art music in the twentieth century.

In this assignment, you are required to discuss about western classical/ art music in the twentieth century. Presented in chapter 13 as you will find out in your study. Characteristics of the western art music in this period include complexity (melody, rhythm, harmony, etc). Experimentation, a multiplicity of styles and directions, new forms, new symbols for expressing musical language (new notation systems), and multicultural influences, etc. Also,you can find more information about these points in the textbook pages 273-275.

In the list below, you will find notable composers and some of their compositions that represent the western art music of the twentieth century. Please read the following instructions carefully and post your responses to 1 and 2. 1. Firstly, choose one of the composers and one of her/his work from the list below and do the followings.  First,introduce the piece with brief background information about the composer including the nationality. The year the piece was composed, genre, and instrumentation.

Discussion on Western classical/ art music in the twentieth century.

Clearly,discuss what characteristics of the twentieth-century western classical/art music (as discussed above and from the textbook 273-275) this music features. Then, please properly use the musical terms from the textbook and “Listening for the Six Musical Elements”. Most importantly,make sure to include the music title and composer in the discussion subject and include the YouTube link to the music in the discussion. Please note that up to 5 points deduction will apply if the musical examples’ titles and composers are not in the subject line.

Secondly, a piece of artwork can contain images inspired by a piece of music and vice versa. In addition,there have been many interesting cases especially in the 20th century. Your task is to find an artwork that seems to describe the music you have chosen to discuss above and post a screenshot of the artwork.  In addition to that,provide the artist’s name and brief background information. The title of the work, the year completed and the reasons why you chose the artwork. Finally, using the same painting as any of your classmates will result in zero points.

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