Personality Disorders Linked to Serial killers


What are the most common personality disorders linked to serial killers?

Description. This is a Criminology & Psychology paper.  The task is finding out what are the most common personality disorders linked to serial killers. Research methodology: The study will use a quantitative research method based on secondary research such as books and journal articles. Below is the structure, note that one chapter has already been written. Bowlby’s attachment theory with Ted Bundy as an example and this has to be mentioned in the introduction and conclusion. Abstract- 300 words Introduction- 900 words Methodology- 1000 words Chapters: Include serial killers as a case study – describe the case background in a small box. Then follow this with discussion of the case and links to the theory.

Further Directions-personality disorders

Follow this with a short conclusion of the paragraph 1. A look into traumatic childhood events through the Disease Model/ Self Control theory maybe? + famous serial killer personality disorders case study -1500 2. Macdonald’s Dark Triad and psychopathy+ famous serial killer case study -1500 words 3. Bandura’s Learning theory and the internalization of feelings+ famous serial killer case study -1500 words Conclusion- 900 words Areas of interest: -Exploration of serial killers/ theories e.g: – A serial killer is an individual who murders at least three people for abnormal and unreasonable psychological  gratification. A serial killer’s murders extend over a month and have significant breaks between the murders.

Repeated research indicates that psychological gratification is the main driving factor for most serial killers, although attention, anger, financial benefits, and thrill are other motives. From a psychological perspective: Personality disorders: Psychologists generally define personality as an individual’s stable traits. Stefanik et al highlights that an individual’s personality is their unique qualities or character. Personality disorders occur because people fail to practice societal norms. The personality disorders linked to serial killers include paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant, dependent, and obsessive-compulsive.

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