Executive Branch- California’s Government

Which branch of California’s government is the most powerful?- Executive Branch

Elements of an Exemplary Essay Quality writing I do not grade specifically on grammar. But I do expect your essay to be free of typographical errors and be written so that I can make sense of what you are saying. Mixing tenses, poor syntax etc. are not acceptable. It is always a good idea to have someone else proofread your essay. Do NOT rely solely on spell check. Your opening paragraph should make it clear what your contention is in response to the essay question. Something along the lines of “the Executive branch is the most powerful branch of government” is a clear concise start to your essay.

Briefly and generally explain how you will prove this is true. And then get down to the details for the remainder of the essay. Demonstrate Knowledge of the material The reason I want you to prove the branch of government you choose is more powerful in the context of the other branches. Is because I want to see how well you have learned the material. So, if you claim one of the reasons the Executive branch is the most powerful is because of the power to veto legislation. I want you to tell me why the veto is more powerful than Congress’ the Legislature’s power to pass legislation, or the Supreme Court’s power to interpret the constitutionality of legislation according to California’s constitution.

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Show me you know the powers of those other branches of government, but do not lose sight of your main contention. In other words, make sure you spend more time writing about the powers of your choice and do not get lost in telling me about all the powers of the other branches of government. Number of examples You need to use specific examples to prove your contentions.Otherwise you are simply giving me an opinion. Opinions are only acceptable if you can prove yours is the right one by using examples (there is no right or wrong answer, only ones supported by proof). For example, the Executive branch is the most powerful due to its veto powers demonstrated by when Governor XXX vetoed bill XX in 19XX.

And again when Governor YYY vetoed bill YYY in 18YY. Every time you make a claim or express an opinion look for an example that backs it up. Variety of sources for examples I am looking for you to draw your examples from a variety of course sources. DON’T use every example from the textbook solely. You have videos, essays, etc. that comprise the course materials.You need to look for examples to prove your contentions from ALL appropriate materials in the course and ONLY the materials from the course. I do not want you using examples from materials from other courses you have taken or come across on the internet etc.


I need to know you understand the materials from this course. Not every source of material in the course will have examples you can use to support your contentions. But there is plenty of variety from which to choose. This area is without question the one student most frequently fail to address. It is a big deal, so please pay attention to this.

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