Why building habitats is essential for wildlife

Why building habitats is essential for wildlife

Introduction John Fowler once said “The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we’ll start thinking of doing something about it.” As I look more in depth of a career in our conservation my main goal is to find something that is to focus on achieving happiness and helping improve the improvement of our conservation. Ideally we see conservation as something we let the government deal with and not think of how we can play our part in allowing us to use the land. Stepping forward to looking at how we can play a role and improve the conservation of our wildlife by rebuilding or developing habitats we know we can improve the food and water quality, provide a good place for animal rehabilitation, and allow ourselves to use it for personal entertainment.

2. Body Paragraph 1a. Food and Water Improvement i. Improving Water Quality1. Building Ponds or reservoirs2. Water catchments for filtering3. Allowing filtering water to improve our soil ii. Food Production and Quality1. Planting food plots for the quality of the land by improving the soil to bring it back to an organic compound2. Allowing another food source for wildlife to improve their health3. The development in attracting several species for wildlife to migrate iii. When we look at improving the food and water quality we can see it has many benefits to our wildlife that would allow the health and quality to improve.3. Body Paragraph 2a. Animal Rehabilitation i. Habitat Destruction1. Destruction of land for the purpose of city growths2.

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Destroying habitats from forest destruction and timber needs3. Habitats are being destroyed due to flooding from poor land design and protection ii. Improving Animal Health and Nutrition1. Allowing the land to be used as a protected area for wildlife to improve their health from being injured2. Providing a healthier nutrient source and monitoring wildlife to see their growth stages3. Giving a new protected area to monitor and allow for a protected reproduction season iii. As we watch the years go on we can see the transition from enormous amounts of wildlife habitats but then transformed and destroyed into cities and developments. Our job is to protect the land for the wildlife health and quality and allow them to progress in their life.

4. Body Paragraph 3a. Secondary Income i. Sport Hunting Ranches1. Creating a lodge people to come and observe wildlife2. Raising good quality wildlife for game hunting3. Allowing a guiding service on quality land for migrating wildlife ii. Improving Value of Property1. The resale value improves when the quality of land is improved iii. Having a secondary income will always have a downfall but looking at the positives that building wildlife can provide we can see that putting in more work into something rather than letting it sit there and deplenish value you can build it into something that can allow you to be more financially stable. 5. Concluding Paragraph a. The simplicity to conservation and our wildlife is playing our role to make a positive improvement.

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Allowing us to see the perspective of the other side of our nature opens our eyes on how we can see what needs to be done. Improving our wildlife and the habitats does not need to be a complex task but one that can develop over time to benefit multiple aspects of life. Take the first step in our role can not only benefit us but improve our food and water quality, and restore our wildlife’s habitats while building up their nutritional state.

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