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Women and Gender studies-Films

This exam consists of six questions, each of which should be answered on a separate page. Answers must be typed, single-spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins on each side of the page. You should not re-type the questions but be sure to number each page with the corresponding question number. You must answer all six questions. Each answer should be approximately ¾ to one page single-spaced, but you are free to make your answers slightly shorter or longer if you like. Though these questions are broad in nature, you should utilize course readings, PowerPoints, discussion boards, and (where applicable) films in each answer. Every answer must directly reference readings, PowerPoints, and discussion boards in some way. Any answer that does not include ALL THREE of these elements will not receive full credit and will lose significant points.

You should plan to emphasize course material from throughout the term, and you should draw from any and all relevant ideas, texts, discussions, and films for each answer. Follow instructions closely and remember to address each part of the question! Not following directions is typically the single most likely way you’ll lose points on the exam. If you cite readings we have read for this course, cite them with last name only (if paraphrasing), or last name and page number (if quoting). For example, “If you quote, it should look like this” (Smith 35). If you paraphrase, it should look like this (Smith). You do not need to use the titles of any articles in your exam, but you should refer to the authors in your citations. When citing PowerPoints, you should put (PowerPoint 5).

Further Description

When citing discussion boards, put the name of the person making the post as well as the date and time, so for example: (Smith 1/5 @ 2:25 PM). For films, cite like this: (Film Act of War). You don’t need a formal reference page if you cite only articles we’ve read this semester and PowerPoints/discussions from this semester. If you cite anything outside of the assigned readings for the course (e.g., a news article or a book/journal). You should use APA or MLA style and include a reference list at the end of the exam. All answers must be spell-checked, grammar-checked. In addition proofread, as these kinds of errors reflect poorly on your academic work and will cause your grade to drop. Exam questions are not appropriate to discuss in the postings directly.

You can of course discuss course material that’s related, but you should not directly discuss exam answers on the discussion boards. No late exams will be accepted, so please arrange to turn it in before the deadline. If you anticipate a conflict, be sure to turn in your exam early. Only electronic submissions to the Canvas link in Microsoft Word format will be accepted. As always, please label the file “Final exam. First name last name.” I’m happy to answer any technical questions you have about the exam, but your work should be your own, and I expect that you will strive to creatively and critically address the questions with utmost care and thoughtfulness Your answers will be graded on several criteria.

Additional Information

Firstly the degree to which your answers reflect a solid understanding of course readings, PowerPoints, discussions, films, and concepts. Secondly the extent to which you can integrate concepts together, drawing upon multiple aspects of the course; 3) The intellectual creativity shown in your answers; 4) Your demonstrated critical thinking capacity in your answers; 5) Effective writing style, tone, and the degree to which your answers are polished and well-constructed

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