Organizational Behavior-Workplace Action Plan

  Organizational Behaviour-Workplace Action Plan

Throughout this course we have studying theories and applications of organizational behavior. We know that contemporary theorists are leaning towards autonomy, mastery, meaning and innovation in work tasks and work design.  Each of you are organizational leaders or you will become organizational leaders. As an organizational leader. What organizational behavior will you facilitate in your organization. What will be the short- and long-term outcomes of the behaviors your foster? . These are critical, high level leadership questions. With this in mind, your final assignment in this course, will support the application of the culmination of theories, application stories and reflections that you have completed over the past few months.

For the Workplace Application Plan, you will select an Organizational Behavior Issue that may be one of the following topics (or you may brainstorm with your instructor if you want to select another topic): Organizational Behavior Issue: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. A significant, contemporary area of study in organizational behavior is exploring how corporate ethics and social responsibility can facilitate attracting, retaining and developing employees. Can ethics and corporate social responsibility support recruitment, retention and talent? How? Can ethics and corporate social responsibility support autonomy, mastery and meaning? After selecting your topic, you will select a specific organization.

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For example, you will discuss Technology and Bias at Google or Office Design and Productivity at Google or Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at Google.  You may select any business, including your current organization. Organization: Amazon Once you have identified your topic (Technology and Bias, Office Design and Productivity, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) and your organization (any organization of your choice) you will complete an Organizational Behavior Workplace Application Plan.   The Workplace Application Plan Should Include: The seven-page paper (minimum) should include the following: Introduction Discussing of organizational behavior topic and why this topic is important to study. Discussion of the organization for application and why the selected topic is of relevance for this organization.

In addition how is the organization currently addressing this topic?.  Consequently what gaps are present in the current plan?. Therefore based on theory and literature from this course, how would you address your specific topic (Technology and Bias, Office Design and Productivity, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) within the organization to foster behaviors that facilitates autonomy, mastery and meaning?.  Also include: At least one specific theory and theorist. Include specific details of your application plan (application of theory). Goals. Measurements. Communications. Why is addressing your topic (Technology and Bias, Office Design and Productivity, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) through this theory important for this organization’s viability. Conclusion References (At least three and can be from course content). Finally the paper must follow APA, seven pages minimum 12-point font double spaced.

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