Written Proposal – Research Study

Written proposal of a research study

The purpose of this final assignment is to synthesize many of the concepts from this semester into a “mock” research study proposal. You will prepare a written proposal of a research study (not requiring the “Introduction” and “Background” information, focusing on the participants and methods). Write in paragraph form and in a formal/research style of writing (no lists, bullets, etc.)The following information should be included in detail: Participants: Researchers don’t just pull a number out of thin air to decide to test a random number of people. There is thought put in the decision and action. How would you figure out the correct number of participants? Not looking for a numerical answer of participants, but rather the procedures that you would go through in order to come up with the correct number.

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Where would you look or how would you get this information for yourself. How do you come up with the correct number?. Firstly why is this important?. Secondly what parts of the study/results are effected by the number of participants?. Thirdly what happens if you have too few?. In addition what other factors need to be considered when recruiting participants for a study?. Consequently what would be the characteristics of your participants?. Why is it important to have inclusion/exclusion criteria in the study?. What would happen if there were no inclusion/exclusion criteria?. What procedures would you perform to assign the participants randomly to the treatment groups?.. Further why is this important? Methods: Explain how you would test the reliability of the testing methods/instruments being used to measure the dependent variable(s). Finally why is this important?

Additionally how does it affect the study and the results if the instruments aren’t valid and reliable?. As we have seen this semester, there are many different types of research that can be conducted. For the purposes of this assignment, think of a simple study using human participants with a pre-test, intervention, post-test type setup. Like a weight-loss study with X participants doing a type of exercise compared to controls. Maybe weight-loss or body fat composition is the dependent variable that you measure. Feel free to use this idea or your own. I am interested in your understanding of why the above topics are important in structuring a study and not so much in the topic of the study.

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