Written sales proposal – Prospective Buyer

Written sales proposal

Assignment Brief; To begin with you have a task to prepare a written sales proposal to a prospective organizational buyer for a business of your choice. Therefore this is a business to business (B2B) selling context and also your sales proposal should target a business prospect and demonstrate an understanding of their unique requirements. Small businesses and independent contractors use sales proposals to land a new contract or client. The best sales proposals highlight what makes your business the most qualified for the contract or task and should focus on your customer’s needs. Using secondary research, you will need to gather information about your chosen business and its product/service and the needs of your prospective buyer. Your report should therefore consider the following structure: Executive Summary The summary should include the major details of your report.

This is the time to grab your reader’s attention and let the person know what it is you do and why he or she should read the rest of your proposal. Budget and overview: Cost of the solution you are proposing – avoids pricing misunderstandings Objective: Expressed in terms of benefits e.g. ‘reduce payroll expense by 10%’Strategy: Describe how you will meet your objective e.g. ‘your account will be assigned to Susan…’Schedule: Time frame for meeting your objectives. Rationale: With a mixture of logic and emotion, present your rationale for taking action now. The emphasis should be on benefits not features. Marking Scheme – Sales Proposal Executive Summary-The purpose of the executive summary is to sell your solution to the client’s problem. It should be persuasive, outlining why the client should choose your company.

Further Description

It should be specific and focus on results. 20%Budget and overview -Therefore tell the prospect the cost of the solution you have prescribed. Additionally be specific as you describe the product or service features to be provided and specify the price. When you confirm pricing with a proposal, misunderstandings and mistakes can be avoided. 15%Objective – express the objective  in terms of benefits. Consequently a tangible objective might be ‘to reduce payroll expense by 10%’. An intangible objective might be stated as ‘increased business security offered by a company with a reputation for dependability’. Focus on benefits that relate directly to the customer’s needs. 15%StrategyBriefly describe how you will meet your objective. How will you fulfil the obligations you have described in your proposal?.

In some cases, this section of your proposal includes specific language. Therefore your account will be assigned to Susan Murray, our senior lease representative’. 15%Schedule Establish a time frame for meeting your objective. This might involve the confirmation of dates with regard to acquisition, shipping, or installation. 15%Rationale With a mixture of logic and emotion, present your rationale for taking action now. Once again, the emphasis should be on benefits, not features. There is a 15% award for Housekeeping Marks will be for the use of an appropriate report structure using headings, numbering and logical sequence of material. 5%100%Learning Outcomes  in this assignment1.

In Summary

Critically evaluate each phase of the selling process.2. Create a sales strategy demonstrating a range of selling skills from prospect identification to long-term relationship building and create a master selling plan.3. Demonstrate an understanding of sales channels alternatives, challenges and selection4. Finally examine the roles and responsibilities of the sales manager.

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