Advertising Strategies- Company’s New Products


Analysis of advertising strategies for the company’s new products

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write a report on the following case: 1. Your company manufactures a range of toys aimed at 3 to 7 year olds. Though a large and well-established company, recent sales have shown little growth, and profits, though adequate, are now in decline. You are considering the promotion of a major product which is on launch  the next Christmas period. Two radically differing advertising strategies have been suggested: An aggressive sales campaign built around TV advertising aimed directly at children and promoting the product as this year’s fashion. This campaign, along with point-of-sale promotion, will be very costly but should make a big impact and has considerable growth and profit potential.

A more low-key campaign based on the safety and educational value of the product. This is similar to the approach in  use in previous years. Write a report addressing the factors and issues to  consider in making a choice between these two approaches. In what ways might ethical concerns have an impact on this decision? (source: M.R. Harrison, An Introduction to Business and Management Ethics, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, pp. 288-9) Your report should present a clear discussion of the relevant issues, showing a clear understanding of relevant ethical theories and concepts. You should address each of the following.

Who are the stakeholders in the decision-making process? x3 What ethical dilemmas are apparent? x2 What information is available and not available to the stakeholders and decision-makers at the time that the decision must be made? x2.What decision making considerations do you need to incorporate in managing your response? x1 You should present clear (although not necessarily unequivocal) conclusions. Structure your report clearly into appropriate sections, for example: 1.Introduction 2.Background Analysis 3.Option Assessment 4.Decision-Making Considerations 5.

Campaign Strategies

Brief and direct – factors that need to be taken into consideration and what are the potential outcomes. Background analysis The analysis is basically a layout of the information in the outline of the assignment, suitably paraphrased but directly related to the purpose of the report. This could take the form of a table of factors such as: stakeholders decline in the market and seasonality of the market previous and potential marketing campaigns However it should be kept brief; therefore a table can be a suitable format since that format is ‘immediate’ and suitably concise. Option Assessment and Decision-Making Considerations It is necessary to focus on the availability of information to make ethical decisions.

To what extent is ethical decision-making dependent on information for stakeholders? For example, is it necessary/possible for the stakeholders to know about the complete supply chain and ethical issues at each link? Conclusions/Recommendations Normal sort of summary but with direct statements (eg. bullet-points) regarding practical means to consider the options. Also recommendations regarding risk minimisatio

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