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Article Critique

Guide to Article Critique  All article critique should be in proper APA format. Use of appropriate, APA headings is paramount for each main point and sub-point list below.   1. Rationale for Article:  2. Identification of Research Questions/Hypotheses:): List the research questions and/or hypotheses the article is going to  address; Identify if the author’s listed them explicitly or if you had to ‘guess’ what the research questions were.    3. Identify the Variables, Concepts, and Constructs.  Also make sure to identify the Independent and Dependent Variable(s) under study. Consequently if the article is based on hypothesis-testing/quantitative methods. Also, if the study is quantitative, identify phenomena that could be the subject of a qualitative study in future research.  -If the based on inductive/qualitative methods, identify the phenomena of interest being described and studied. Also, identify variables that could be used in a future study based on hypothesis-testing/quantitative methods. 

Further Description

4. Description of Methodology:  Data Collection/Sampling Strategy (specific sampling method used, how did they decide to recruit participants, and whom did they decide to recruit).  Concept Measurement/Assessment (how are they measuring/assessing the concept under investigation?).  Method of Analysis (what test or method of statistical or qualitative analysis strategy are they using to systemize the data)  Accounting for External Validity and Generalizability (using your textbook and the supplemental article on Threats to Validity: how are the researchers accounting for these issues? )  Accounting for Internal Validity/Trustworthiness (Using your text and the supplemental article on Threats to Validity: how did they control for alternate explanations or seek to account for their own worldview and values during the analysis process).  5. Identification, Description, and Critique of Conclusions: 

Identify at least 2 main conclusions that the authors make based on their data  Identify positive support for those conclusions and justify your support  Critique the conclusions and justify your critique  6. Applications:  Finally identify 2 ways to incorporate the ideas and conclusions presented in the article into counseling practice. Also   don’t forget to reference the article provided

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