Literature Review – Article Critique

Article Critique- Literature Review

The rubric is available as a file and also below. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. Sources must be within the last 5 years. Please use APA 7th format and professional university writing. Identify the Purpose Statement Is the purpose of the study. Firstly did they clearly research problem clearly ?. Secondly does the problem statement indicate the variables of interest and the specific relationship between those variables which are under  investigation?.  Thirdly did you logically organize the literature review?. Does it offer a balance critical analysis of the literature?. In addition is the majority of the literature of recent origin?. Is it mainly from primary sources and of an empirical nature?. Consequently did you identify  a conceptual or theoretical framework?. If so, Did they adequately describe the framework ?. Is the framework appropriate? Aims/objectives/ research question/ hypotheses. Finally did you identify the aims and objectives, a research question or hypothesis ?.

If so, did they clearly state it?. Do they reflect the information present in the literature review?. In addition wat are the independent and dependent variables in the hypothesis or research question. Sample Firstly did you identify  the target population ?. Secondly how did you select  the sample?. Thirdly was it a probability or non-probability sample?. In addition was the sample size adequate?. Therefore did they use power analysis to estimate sample size needs?. Consequently did you clearly identify the inclusion/exclusion criteria?. Ethical Considerations Were the participants fully informed about the nature of the research?. Was IRB approval obtained? Was the autonomy/ confidentiality of the participants guaranteed? Methodology Is the research design clearly identified?. Has the data gathering instrument been described?. Finally is the rationale given for why the instrument(s) was selected?.

Further Guidelines

Is it an appropriate choice? How did it develop?. Were reliability and validity testing undertaken and the results discussed?. Did they train the observers  to minimize bias? Data Analysis/Results What level of measurement is in use to measure the variables?. Was descriptive and/or inferential statistics reported?. Was it appropriate? Did the author(s) report the level of significance?. If so, what was it? Were tables or figures used? If so, did they supplement the text or just repeated the text. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Discussion Are the findings linked back to the literature review? If a hypothesis was identified was it supported? .Were the strengths and finally  limitations of the study including generalizability discussed?.

In Summary

Did they make recommendation(s) for further research ? Implications for Nursing Practice Give your informed and reasoned opinion about the conclusion of the research. How and under what circumstances can the findings be applicable to nursing practice? Should  you apply these results to nursing practice? Do you think it would be possible to replicate this study in another clinical practice setting? Explain APA Format APA 7th edition format for paper, citations, & reference(s); and finally grammar, syntax and spelling.

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