Child Development- Study Experiment

Child Development : The road to language learning is iconic: Evidence from British sign language.


Here are some things to think about as you read an article and prepare to write a critique.  You do not need to address all of these points in your critique for this assignment.  Use this framework to help you organize your thinking.  Choose the points you feel are most important to the study you are reading and writing about. Make sure you are reading an original research report.  An original research report is a presentation of new findings..  It should include a research question and typically includes one or more hypotheses.  A research report is not an essay or a summary and review of other people’s research.    What is the research question?  Is it clearly stated? Do the authors present a theoretical or conceptual framework for their research?.

Child Development- Study Experiment

  Firstly what constructs or ideas provide the basis for the study?. Secondly how many participants are in the study?  Thirdly how old are they?.  Consequentlyhat is their gender? Is there a hypothesis (or hypotheses)?.   Also identify the hypothesis (or hypotheses). Hence what kind of study is this?.  Additionally is this a descriptive study or is it an experiment?  Is this a descriptive study?  Does this paper report relationships among variables as they occur in the world, without any intervention?   Is this an experimental study?   Is there a control group and an an experimental group?  are there two or more groups to compare? .In an experimental designs it is usually important that there be a control group.

It is also important to give  study participants  conditions randomly. Sometimes it is also important that participants are matched before random assignment.  There are different types of experiments. These include laboratory experiments, field experiments, and natural experiments.   If you are writing about an experiment, what kind is it? Is age or developmental level included as a variable in this study?  How was this done?. Do the participants of different ages chose to participate in the study?  (e.g., were there groups of three year and four year olds?  Were the children in the different age groups compared in terms of their scores on a test or a task

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