Community Needs Assessment – Capstone Assignment

Community Needs Assessment Webpage Submission- Capstone Assignment

Using a community with which you are familiar, conduct a needs assessment to develop greater understanding of the group. Through observations, analysis of U.S. Census data, and interviews with key informants, assess how well the circle carries out the functions of socialization, social control, and mutual support. Pay special attention to strengths and resources.   Instructions:   For each section of the project,  they will grade you  on whether you have the data request and source of information.  All tables used must identify the source and should demonstrate whole numbers and percentages.  You must use Census data and data from other sources (E.g., data from Kids count from the Annie E. Casey Foundation).

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Neatly present and label the materials . In addition they will deduct points for sloppy materials and/or other issues  that relate to instructions.   Consequently history and Demographic Characteristics. Further identify the circle you are assessing. Also how the community was named and provide a brief history of the community. Additionally discuss the demographic characteristics of the community (i.e., the location of group, age/gender/race/ethnicity composition of members, and educational level of residents in the community). Consequently is the group well integrated into the surrounding area or is it isolated?. Secondly what is the physical environment like?. You can obtain this information  from U.S. Census or other relevant sites (Worth 5 points).

Economic Characteristics. Discuss the major employers in the area. What is the unemployment rate in the community? Discuss the distribution of income and poverty in your community and describe how poverty rates compare to the state? Describe access to affordable housing, healthcare and public transportation (Worth 5 points).   3.0. Health Services. Discuss the types of health services available within the community and the type of provider (i.e. name of specialty, dentist, etc.). The closest hospital and low-income community health clinic should also be identified (Worth 5 points).   4.0. Education System

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