Contrast – White Fragility and How to be Antiracist


Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast two books: White Fragility By Robin DiAngelo and How to be Antiracist By Ibram X.Kendi  I suggest you start by creating a chart to guide your comparisons.  Include this as an Appendix.  Identify the commonalities and differences between the books. Introduction – Discuss the purpose of your paper and what you will be covering.  Create a thesis statement.  This is like a map of what to expect from your report.  Why is/are this/these topics important?  Where are you taking the reader of your report? Compare and contrast the 2 books.  Identify how they define common terms.

Compare and then contrast their major theses and themes, perspectives, arguments, major purposes?. Firstly what are the commonalities between the books?. Secondly what are the key differences? What contributions have these books made in the Diversity field?. You might want to reference external resources to help you understand how these authors and their books have contributed to the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and understanding of race relations.    Your report needs to include connections to other readings in the course.  See how they relate to what these books illustrate.  Choose a Canadian organization to research that has dealt with racism.

Compare and contrast what racism issues has this organization dealt with. In addition what strategies were taken to combat it in their organization (use resources to support your point)?. Firstly identify strategies that you can implement for Yourself because of what you have learned (be specific). Secondly identify strategies HR professionals can implement (use resources to support your points). Thirdly identify strategies organizations can implement (use resources to support your points. Summarize your report and provide a strong conclusion to the paper

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