Computer Science Assignment- programming task

Computer Science Assignment (programming task)

4 pages essay and plus computer task As a full stack web developer. Therefore you are given a task  to develop a Node base RESTful API on the backend plus a React JS single page application (SPA). On the frontend to replace a client’s existing unmaintained PHP-based website. In addition to the API and SPA, the client requires a short report targeted at their internal development team. Exploring how the developed application fits in to the wider context of JavaScript full stack technologies. Finally, the client requests a short video demonstration of the application, which targets at end-users. application is Client – The Sport Association. A Sporting Event and Results App The Sport Association is a national governing body for several Olympic sports.

Consequently they would like to have a web application for managing their upcoming and past sporting events, to record athlete details and results. This will be used internally and not available to the public Main features . Non-registered users can register on the app if they have a sign-up code. They need to supply a unique email and a password to sign up. For this prototype the sign-up code is always “the_sport_association”. Registered users can o log in to the app o see the current list of events. Search/filter the current list of events. By sport and by date o create, view, update, and delete individual events in the app o see the current list of athletes. Search/filter the current list of athletes.

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By nationality and by sport o create, view, update, and delete individual athletes in the app. Firstly add an athlete to an event. Secondly  add the results of an event to the event o mark any athlete as ‘under investigation’. View the current list of athletes who are ‘under investigation’ Challenge features – choose one or more: • Upload athlete photos • View or download a list of all historical results for a given athlete (i.e. events they participated in and their final placing in the event) • Allow athletes to register and log in to view their own profile and the events they are associated to.

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