Education or Child Development – Action Paper

Action Paper- Child Development or Education

You will identify a research topic in child development or education(I will provide the topic). You will then find at least 2 (up to 4) research articles related to the topic. The articles you find should be related to the same topic.  You should use at least two primary sources (empirical research articles).  In addition to these primary sources, you can use any secondary sources as well (chapters, websites, news articles).  There are 3 parts of this paper:   1. The paper will include a summary of the primary sources you found. Present this information in a cohesive way. To do this, follow the QALMRI method (Attached in the file).  Try to go beyond just answering each question and write the summary of each paper in your own words in an essay format.  Therefore you can organize your description by whatever way makes sense to you.

Secondly you do not need to provide detailed descriptions of your secondary sources. In addition you should broadly describe the implications of the research you found. Which includes who this research could be relevant for, such as parents, teachers, policymakers, etc. For example, how could the findings from the research be important for policy and practice?. Remember you need to substantiate the implications by the evidence in the paper.  It is important to avoid overgeneralization of results. 2. Create a Resource. You will also create a resource based on the research in the paper that is made for the audience that you have identified in your paper (i.e., the second part).

In Summary

The resource should include several (3-5) specific strategies. Or suggestions for how that research might be practically applied to educators, parents, or policymakers. Examples of the resource could include a manual for teachers about how to apply a teaching method in the classroom. A website or infographic for parents about possible ways to improve adolescents’ health. Also PowerPoint slides for a workshop for policymakers explaining about how proper nutrition could be implemented in schools.  Be creative in your presentation of the information in the resource.  There are many ways to do this.  Lastly, References: Your final report should include the citations for the sources. The references of the first part and second part should be separated).

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