Educational Leaflet for Lay Audience



Educational Leaflet for Lay Audience

To begin with this assignment requires you to create an educational leaflet for a “lay audience”. A lay audience includes people who do not have specialized or professional knowledge of a subject. Therefore imagine you are writing an educational leaflet for the general public. The topic for your leaflet is “how population genetics influences adaptations and evolution”. This is a broad subject and there are many aspects that you could include, such as: Selection, Mutation, Genetic Drift Gene Flow, and Allele Frequencies. However, you have a limit  on the amount of content that you can include to a double-side A4 leaflet.

Your font size also needs to be large enough for your lay audience to be able to read, minimum of font size 10. Your leaflet does not require in-text citations although, you must include a bibliography on a separate page to your leaflet. You have a permit to use diagrams to support your information, but  you must reference these within your bibliography as well.

Learning Outcomes:

Communicate how population genetics influences adaptations and evolution (B2)

Allocation of marks: Firstly explain key ecological principles, Secondly informative section on population genetic, Thirdly informative section on adaptation and finally evolution, Discuss the influence of population genetics on adaptations and evolution. Communication skills to a lay audience and leaflet structure                                     (20%)                                             

Reading list

You are  to provide academic references to support your work.  Please refer to the module handbook for the indicative recommended reading list that will support you.


For this assignment you are required to follow the UWE Harvard referencing style (see program /module handbook for more details).  Information and downloadable handouts about referencing at University Centre Weston and UWE are available on the Moodle VLE HE Library Plus pages at:

The Marking Scale

In determining the overall grade for a piece of work, markers will assess the work against the QAA descriptors for the level. Specific criteria are linked to the academic content and learning outcomes of the module.


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