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To begin with this assignment is worth 20% of final grade. Therefore your portfolio pages should be limited to one (1) topic per page, excluding index. Due at the end of module 13.You may add photos and template designs for optimum visual appeal. Remember, you will be using this in acquiring a placement or employment. What Is a Portfolio? A portfolio is a portable collection of documents that describe, support, and highlight your achievements, qualifications, and skills. By having a portfolio, it demonstrates your professionalism, your planning and organizational skills, and it gives you the opportunity to provide proof with supporting documents and examples of past successes and knowledge. Your Portfolio will become a lifelong resource that will continue to grow. Preparing Your Digital Portfolio Developing and maintaining a professional portfolio is an effective marketing tool you can use in addition to your résumé.

Anyone in any field can develop a portfolio to assist in presenting achievements and accomplishments when applying for a position, attending interviews, or participating in a performance review session. Therefore this is an excellent tool to maintain, collect, and protect your career-related documents in an organized and professional manner. Your Event Portfolio Every page topic is also highlighted in a header below. Consequently an index should be the first page inside your portfolio. The Index outlines the order the portfolio will follow. Portfolio Example An exemplar portfolio here Statement of Ownership Personal Profile Cover letter Resume References Education – College Diploma – Secondary School Diploma Letters of Reference Letters of Recommendation Work Evaluation or Evaluations Work Sample.

Further Directions

Excel Spreadsheet – PowerPoint Presentation Training Certificates – CPR – WHMIS Community Involvement or Volunteer Involvement Practicum Work Placement Review or Evaluation Memberships. Thank You Notes Career Goal or Long-Term Goal Statement If you do not have one of the above criteria but feel you may receive this prior to graduation, please include a simple statement letting the Portfolio viewer know when and how you may achieve or obtain the criteria.1. Firstly statement of Ownership Please review the examples, and create and customize a Statement of Ownership for your portfolio. This Portfolio contains personal, private, and confidential information with Supporting documents which have been earned, created, written, and designed by me. In addition none of the documents contained within shall be photocopied or duplicated without expressed permission.

I certify that all information in this portfolio is true and complete. Your Name2. Secondly personal Profile Review and create your own personal profile. A reliable and motivated student, currently enrolled in the two-year, Social Service Worker Diploma Program at Centennial College and expecting to graduate in April 2014. Exceptional training in dealing with (your strength). Well-developed skills in (applicable skills). Proven strengths in organizing, multi-tasking, and prioritizing heavy workloads. CPR, First Aid, and WHMIS Certified. Holds a valid Driver’s License and owns a dependable vehicle. Completely Bilingual in English and Hindi. Willing to relocate.3. Cover Letter4. Resume5. References6. Educational Diplomas Post-secondary is best in this area.7. Finally reference Letters Here, you would insert a copy of your reference letter from a past employer.

Additional Instructions

To increase the usefulness of this letter, ask your employer to identify specific examples of your skills, knowledge, and ability level.8. Community Involvement or Volunteering9. Associations or Memberships10. Work Samples Software MS Word Documents Letterforms incorporating Tables MS Excel Documents Vendor List/sBEO documents Floorplan documents Revenue and Expense Statement MS PowerPoint Document Model Scale sketch and design Research papers In the following few pages, place printouts or screenshots of the Work Samples that you listed in your Index, in the same order as you listed. Be sure to include work samples from Selling and Sponsorship, EVNT 101 & 201, any other course material11. Work Philosophy am dedicated and committed to the field of Human Resources and also have a strong work ethic.

I plan to pursue a career in this field and will continue to hone and improve my qualifications and skills as a life-long learner.12. Career Goal would like to obtain the Strategic Trouble-shooter Position with the Corporation of the City of Hamilton. Graduating with Honors from the Social Service Worker Program at Centennial College indicates my enthusiasm and dedication to this field and my life-long passion for providing excellent, quality care to those in need.13. Values Workplace14. Values OR Work Ethic OR Work Philosophy That excellence in performance includes a commitment to life-long formal and informal learning That boundaries of time and compensation will not limit the pursuit of excellence and a job well done That service to clients and customers is based on acceptance, empathy, and a desire to contribute to society That variety and challenge in the workplace lead to opportunities for growth, responsibility, and finally authority

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