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Human Resource Management

To begin with review the assignments review in the lecture video.2. Review the Rex Technologies, Inc. case study scenario – Customer Complaints Over the last four months, customer complaints increased by 33%. There have been incidents of improperly installed products, design defects, and excessive delays in responding to customer requests. Customer Net Promoter Score has dropped 18%The CEO believes the complaints indicate a systematic problem with the company’s Talent Development program. He suspects new hires are not receiving adequate or effective training, and this is affecting their performance. The HR Director is not sure the CEO is correct. The HR department designed the training a few years ago, and she thinks it is great. She believes the rise in complaints is a result of low levels of employee engagement.

She tells you, “Without diving into the data too much, I’m guessing the solution is to add initiatives to engage employees. “Determine: Situational Metrics: Identify what metrics may be important in: Effectiveness of the performance (e.g., performance rating, Customer Net Promoter Score, defect rate, time to respond to customer inquiries, % properly-installed products, etc.)Evaluating the source of the performance problems (e.g., training effectiveness, employee engagement, etc.)Data Collection: Where would you find this data / how do you collect the metrics you selected? Collection Results: List the results of data collection (you can make up the numbers for this scenario)Hypotheses: What are your hypotheses?

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Ensure each hypothesis describes the relationship you expect to find between metrics. Test: Describe at least one type of statistical test that can help you prove or disprove your hypotheses. Remember, you want a statistically significant result to show the findings are not just found at random. Findings: Summarize the outcome(s)/learning(s) from your statistical test (i.e., did you prove or disprove your hypotheses? What are relationships (e.g., positive correlation, negative correlation, causation, etc.) between the metrics? Recommendations & Initiatives: Outline one initiative you would recommend (these should be supported by the findings in the prior step)Impact on Business Objectives:

For your recommendation/initiative, discuss the impact on each of Rex’s business objectives (Financial, HR, Innovation, Sales/Marketing)3. Submit a written paper:– Individual assignment. Complete using the attached Week 4 Template– APA style (coversheet, formatting, references, citations)– 5 to 6 pages (1-coversheet, 4 to 5 for content, 1 – reference list) (page count is a guide only)4. The following list of metrics may help identify metrics for this assignment: Sample HR Metrics – 2019(1).pdf- Please note that this only lists some examples of metrics. There are many other possibilities.

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