Human Resources (HR) Assignment (Hilton)

Human Resources Assignment (Hilton)

Write an analytical report on “Hilton” The report should cover four HR M areas: Resourcing, Development, Motivation, and Equality. Based on your research and analysis, identify how your company secures competitive advantage through its HR practices and give recommendations on what else might be improved.


• Imagine that you are a business consultant with expertise in HRM, and you were asked to analyze key HR practices in the company and prepare a report that will help the company to understand to what extent its HR strategy meets best practice and what else might be
done to sustain competitive advantage.
• In the report, you should critically evaluate four areas including employee resourcing, equality, development and motivation, based on the company information gained from a variety of sources such as company website, reports, articles etc. Use credible resources.
Wikipedia, Investopedia, Quora, websites containing examples of essays and alike are NOT credible resources.
• Follow a business report structure:
Firstly the Title
Secondly the Executive summary
Thirdly the Table of contents
Then the Introduction
the Methods
Analysis / Findings
the Discussion
Finallythe Conclusion


o References
o Appendices (if necessary)
• Remember to support your arguments with evidence. Consequently evidence can include statistics, examples, tables, graphs etc. Additionally to be persuasive, evidence should be discussed and evaluated, not just mentioned. Finally make the report well-reasoned.
• Further, remember that context plays a crucial role. HR practices can differ significantly between
organizations, depending on industry, workforce size, maturity etc. Also consider the context
when building arguments.
• You should use concepts, theories and models from the module to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of HR practices and processes. You are permitted to use concepts from other modules, but they should assist concepts from this module, not
replace them.

• You should demonstrate:
the understanding of key HR practices and procedures
the understanding of business report structure
the evidence of independent research
the quality and depth of analysis
o application of concepts and models from the module
o quality and credibility of evidence / examples
the coherence of ideas and arguments throughout the report.


Harvard referencing style should be used. Remember to provide a list of references.
• The assignment requires critical writing. This meansthat you should go beyond simple description of HR practices in the company. Critical writing involves evaluation of different approaches through providing evidence, supporting by theory, comparison and contrasting, and arguing why they are effective / successful or not effective.
• Quality of presentation is also important. Check spelling and grammar before submitting your report. Avoid hyperbole, broad statements, generalizations and unreferenced sources



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