Korean Film – Descriptive Essay

Korean film

Instructions1000-1500 word analysis based on the observation and function of social and formal contexts of the Korean film “Parasite”, referring to resources, materials. Please cite all sources that will be included below, but please find at least TWO more sources in your analysis that correlate to your film. Must be properly cited MLA 8th ed or 9th ed. Use the film elements to talk about what you want to highlight DO refer to the texts below to use the terms to talk about film DO make certain you know what formal and social contexts are and what they are doing in the film – that’s the substance of your analysis DO NOT write a summary of the plot STARTING PLACES FOR WRITING ON FILM Describe a shot, sequence, or scene that stands out to you from one of the films from this course so far.

Writing a good, detailed description will indicate an argument about how the filmmakers wanted us to see something in the world. Consider who is behind the making of a film? How does the Korean film you’re analyzing fit into the scope of films we have seen before in American culture?. Think of the directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, and musical score composer. Everyone involved in the making of this film. Choose one aspect from which to contextualize the film in your analysis. Could this film be considered part of a wider historical/filmic/sociocultural movement?.

Additional Guidelines

Firstly how does the film illustrate or complicate a certain theory, ideology, formal style, or genre expectation?. Secondly when was the film made?. Thirdly how did that historical moment influence the production of the Korean film?. In addition were the filmmakers responding to a specific historic event? Consequently how does their depiction of that event encourage viewers to think of that event, and in turn of the present historical moment does the film age well? What technology was used to create this film? Does the film innovate any new uses of camera or editing technology? If so, how does this innovation influence how the viewer experiences the film?

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