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Advanced Accounting- Legitimacy Theory

Description the Task: Based on The British Petroleum case write a case study-report that answers the following questions: 1. What is your opinion on this case using the Legitimacy Theory?. And 2- What is your opinion on this case using the Institutional Theory?. The word limit for this assignment is 3,000 words (+/- 10%); excluding graphs and tables. You are expected to support your work with sources from the literature and use Harvard referencing style as appropriate, in text and in the list of references at the end of your assignment. Make sure to follow the report structure (executive summary, contents page, introduction, methodology, main body, recommendations, and conclusion). An executive summary needs to cover each section of the report – at least 1 page long.

Further Description

Take every aspect from the theories under the system theory and implement them on the community reaction, on the company’s reaction, on the judge reaction, etc. Then decide if the company is (for example legitimate or not ). The same thing about the institutional theory use the 3 forces of isomorphism ( mimicry, coercive and normative. Check if every force is there, and if the forces made the company isomorphism or decoupling. Will they be legitimate again, try to take everything in the legitimacy and apply it, after What happened will it make the company legitimacy again or is it not acceptable, were they successful or not, what actions are Headings & subheadings.

In Summary

Number all pages; include a table of content Primary Marking Criteria. Firstly comprehensive knowledge. Secondly detailed understanding of the subject area. Thirdly extensive background study. In addition highly focused answer and well-structured. Logically presented and defended arguments. No factual/computational errors. Original interpretation. New links between topics are developed. New approach to a problem. Finally excellent presentation with very accurate communication

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