L’Oreal -The Globalization of American Beauty

Assignment Topic: Written Case Analysis: L’Oreal and the Globalization of American Beauty



In an essay of 900-1000 words, provide your analyses to account for how L’Oreal became the global leader in the beauty products industry. Therefore what corporate-level strategies (pertaining to our BPS course) played a role in L’Oreal’s growth? Explain the roles of the corporate-level strategies in L’Oreal‘s growth. L’Oreal having bought Kiehl’s, the plan was to bring Kiehl’s to major cities in every region in the world. What are the opportunities and challenges in regard to Kiehl’s being a global success, and what strategic steps should Kiehl’s and its parent company take towards the above-mentioned plan? * Submit only in Microsoft Word **IMPORTANT**; ENSURE THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM BY YOU.

SUBMIT ONLY ORIGINAL WORK THROUGHOUT THIS COURSE. YOUR WORK WILL BE SUBJECT TO REJECTION IF IT HAS A SIMILARITY MATCH OF MORE THAN 15%. The system will check your work for similarity with external sources. Do not allow a similarity match of more than 15% between your work and external sources. Tip: To reduce similarity match percentage with external sources, also avoid repeating assignment questions. Hence instead, use question numbers (e.g., ‘1’) to identify which question you are answering. Consequently if your similarity match percentage is greater than 15%, you are required to redo/resubmit your assignment with an appropriate (15% or less) similarity match percentage by the assignment deadline.


L’Oréal and the Globalization of American Beauty

 On a muggy summer day in 2004, Philip Clough, president and CEO of Kiehl’s Since 1851, a small upscale cosmetics maker, was directing the placement of moving boxes around his business’s new office in a renovated warehouse on Hudson Street in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. As Clough gave a tour of the group’s spare fifth-floor office space, there was little evidence that Kiehl’s represented one of the most radical experiments in the 97-year history of its corporate parent, Parisbased L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty firm.


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