Museum Research Paper- Analysis

Museum Research Paper

Complete Course Evaluation (Anonymous) Museum Research Paper/ Submit Here Due. Friday of this week. Therefore the objective of the final paper is to analyze a work of art . This is from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and develop a thesis statement. Thus the central argument of your paper. The thesis might firstly analyze the development of a particular or secondly innovative style or approach, and finally regional influence. Religious influence, political influence, cultural, symbolic meaning or use of the subject matter, technological development, or some other evidence-based topic.

You must use your own visual analysis of the artwork/s . And secondary research from articles and authoritative sources to support your claims. Your paper will be a minimum of   6 pages long  (double space, Times New Roman font, 12-point type with 1” margins) and incorporate   at least 4 secondary (research) sources. If using the textbook, you need  a total of five sources. Write your essay to be 6 pages . Images and your Works Cited are not to be counted as part of those 6 pages.  Please follow MLA formatting. Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning the project.  In addition select one artwork from the list of images below. AIC Paper Topics.pdf

In Summary

You may choose to research one of the corresponding image questions. Consequently come up with your own thesis statement. Remember, a thesis statement is a point of view or hypothesis that is grounded in visual evidence. And is also supported by the historical. Cultural, and/or religious background of the work or artists. To get started, you might want to look at the time period and location of where the artwork was made and review the passage in our textbook or on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s  Heilbrunn.   Timeline : .  2. You may want to find an additional work that can support your thesis. And also/or illuminate some aspects of your discussion or analysis.

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