Aircrafts – Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Aircrafts

Assignment Description

To begin with your research paper on reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide from aircrafts is worth 100 points. Therefore this is 30% of your course grade and is due the end of the semester. However, it can be turned in anytime during the semester. It is best to take advantage of any spare time you may have. Especially during the spring break, to finish and submit your research paper early. (See rubric below.) Failure to turn in and complete a research paper is failure of the course. Your paper is to be written in APA style format (version 7). Complete with a properly formatted cover sheet, content and bibliography. The paper shall be at least ten pages in length, not counting the cover page and bibliography. Keep in mind that Wikipedia is not an approved citation source and that all photos, diagrams and drawings must be cited properly.

Points will be deducted for papers that do not have a main core of at least ten pages.  Research papers  are due by the end of the semester, May 14, 2021. Therefore your paper shall be about a detailed description of an airport environmental topic. (Other guidelines are on a list below.) Plagiarism review software will be used. Significant points will be deducted for plagiarism. Cite your sources properly. In other words, if the words you use in your report did not come from your own thoughts and instead, are referred too or came from some other source other than you, you must give proper attribution and citation to receive full credit. Improper citation on aircraft emission. Or worse – no citation, will result in major points being deducted from your research paper’s grade. Finally  write your  paper  in APA format. Use the latest Version

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