Research Project- Psychological Effects of Social Me


The Negative Psychological Effects of Social Me- Research project

 POLS 260 RESEARCH PROJECT. This assignment asks you to define, execute, and summarize in writing results of research done on a topic of your choosing. Since this project has a design to complement the course readings and exercises. You are going to structure it according to the steps  below. There will be an explanation  during the semester. You will: Firstly formulate and state explicitly a specific question of historical, political or policy interest. Secondly define all important concepts and terms as expressed in the research question. Further relate these ideas and definitions to an appropriate body of theory. Thirdly operationalize your ideas into variables and indicators that are valid. Then define reliable measures of the concepts and terms.

In addition identify independent and dependent variables. Hypothesize possible relationships among them, specifying the likely type and direction of influence. Also identify and collect data relevant to the variables and their hypothesized relationships. Use appropriate quantitative and/or statistical techniques on the data to test the existence, direction and strength of the hypothesized relationships among the variables. Further describe these findings, and apply them to the original research question, assessing the extent to which you have answered it. Finally evaluate the theoretical and/or practical implications of your research design and its results.

In Summary

WRITTEN REPORT: Summarize your research in a thorough and coherent report describing in detail each of the steps outlined above. It should be fully documented, and references to all sources used must be in proper form. Relevant quantitative and/or statistical data should be compiled and presented in an appropriate format and incorporated into or attached to the report. While length will vary according to the nature of the question, the characteristics of your data, etc.,  We envision reports of approximately 4000-5000 words (16-20 pages) in length, with the supporting materials perhaps requiring additional pages.

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